The Best Golf in Casa de Campo Resort


The Best Golf tournaments 2021-2022 in the Dominican Republic

Everyone who actively practices golf, there is nothing like feeling the hype, energy, and thrill in every tournament. Casa de Campo is a resort where practicing golf is a pure pleasure since it has some of the best courses to play and the best golf tournaments in the Dominican Republic. In this post we will go through all the tournaments Casa de Campo Resort® has for 2021 and 2022 and we will analyze the three available courses: The Links, Teeth of The Dog and Dye Fore.


How Many Golf Courses does Casa de Campo Resort have?

Here, we explain something about the three courses available in this amazing resort in the Caribbean:



Teeth of The Dog

This absolute Peter Dye’s masterpiece opened in 1975 and reshaped has a length of 7350 yards, more than 7 km. This course is a true challenge to play. The origin of this particular name (Diente de Perro in we translate into Spanish), its because where it is, surrounded by corals and petrified rocks which seem like a dog’s teeth. It is a course which whenever you play in it you want to keep playing.
It has several similarities with the Dye Fore like the grass bunkers, the high greens or the water obstacles. Hole 2 is one of the most difficult to play because you need great precision when throwing the ball, like the difficulty hole 5 has, a phew holes ahead.
Maybe the most amazing holes would be those near the Caribbean Sea. The first four holes are located to the left of the sea and those of the second round, to the right. This makes us stay more time regarding it because of its beautiful scenery, in every respect.
Every golf player, professional and amateur is stunned with the distinction and beauty that it has.



The Links

The Links is one of the most famous golf courses thanks to having stunning views of the villas and the Caribbean Sea throughout its 18 holes and its length of more than 6 km. It has a design that evokes the links -type UK golf courses.
Created by Peter Dye, it was completely reshaped in 2012 to be like the other two courses. It is a course with 71 wavy par holes. It has bunkers and roughs with Guinea and Bahía grass. Five of the eighteen holes have water in form of amazing lakes and lagoons.



Dye Fore

It is the latest course designed by Peter Dye in Casa de Campo, La Romana. It is surrounded by breathtaking views of Río Chavón, the mountains, or the Altos de Chavón or the sea because it is built beside a cliff.
Dye Fore has 27 holes, more than 7 km of length. Dye Fore has 5 holes with water in the form of three lakes. The two par three holes maybe are the most difficult that make this course one of the most challenging and encouraging to play in this pearl.



Golf Tournaments Schedule in Casa de Campo Resort, Dominican Republic

CASA DE CAMPO GOLF SCHOOL: 17-21 February 2021

It is a tournament conducted by Eric Lillibridge, a teacher in the Casa de Campo golf school. This tournament aims to upgrade the golf technique and enjoy the best golf taught in the Caribbean. The pack includes a 5 days stay in Casita Superior or Alojamiento de Élite, breakfast, lunch and supper or limitless drinks in every bar in the resort including 19th Hole Teeth of the Dog & Dye Fore, La Piazzetta or La Casita, Marina.



The 34th edition of the Caribbean International Pro-Am II will take place in the three championship courses of Casa de Campo Resort Dye Fore, Teeth of the Dog and The Links. The pack includes a 6 days stay in the villas and rooms, limitless drinks or limitless practice balls. It is a perfect plan if you want to participate in this tournament with your family or golf groups.



Casa de Campo, in collaboration with the Caribbean Golf Association, wants to hold the 25th edition of what already is a gold classic in the Caribbean. Participate in this tournament and enjoy it with all the golf pro players.


VII LATIN AMERICA PRO-AM: 10 to 14 August 2021

The most important pro-am tournament of Latin America holds its seventh edition full of success, Enjoy this tournament in The Teeth of The Dog course. The pack includes a meal at Minitas Beach Club & Restaurant, the 4-night stay, the breakfast, lunch and dinner.



The Casa de Campo Open celebrates its 40th edition. It is one of the most international tournaments of the Club and the Caribbean. This event consists of 54 holes using the Stableford system and will be played in the three courses that Casa de Campo has in La Romana. Prizes will be given to those who win in all divisions (net and gross), together with the Senior, Super Senior, Master Senior and Elite Senior categories. In this pack, among other things, you have 5 days of hotel, drinks in bars and Oasis carts in the golf courses, drinks in bars and restaurants of the hotel (Minitas Beach Club & Restaurant and SBG) or unlimited green fees, among others.


3RD ANNUAL COUPLES TOURNAMENT: 29 November to 5 December 2021

The 3rd Annual Casa de Campo Couples Tournament: Golf & Spa Getaway. Players will play this tournament on Casa de Campo’s three courses, Teeth of the Dog, The Links and Dye Fore in the morning and relax in the spa in the afternoon. The pack includes balls and club storage, stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks included, tournament prizes or 50-minute massages per player.



Casa de Campo invites us to participate in the XVI annual Casa de Campo Twosome Championship, held on Casa de Campo’s three courses. This is an event that will be played over 90 holes. The format for the first 36 holes will be two best balls of four over two days. Third round will be played on The Links on a best two ball basis, and the last two rounds will be played on Teeth of the Dog on the best two balls out of four over two days. Golf package includes accommodation in rooms or villas and golfers in private accommodation for the six nights of competition, breakfast, lunch and dinner included, or dinner at Minitas Restaurant and Beach Club.
Tees will be allocated for the following male amateurs:
  • When the age and hcp from the white bars in Teeth of the Dog are 80 and the player is 70 years of age or older, he/she is chosen to play on green bars.
  • When the age and hcp are equal to 70-79 the player will play from the white bars. If the age and hcp are equal to 69 or below the player will play from the blue bars.
  • Women will play the red tees.
  • For professional male tees:
65 and over, play the white bar.
50-65-year-olds play the blue tees
The youngest 49-year-olds will play golden barriers.
  • For professional female tees:
50 or more years play the red bars
49 or younger, play the white bars.



If you are a Spanish golfer, plan a trip to the Dominican Republic at the end of this year for what will be the first Spanish Cup tournament in Casa de Campo and an experience to remember. Stay at the best luxury resorts and play three of the best golf courses in the world: Teeth of The Dog, the best golf course in the Caribbean, The Links and Dye Fore.



This event will be played at Casa de Campo’s three golf courses, Teeth of The Dog, Dye Fore and The Links. Teams for this tournament will consist of four people, three amateurs and one professional. This tournament is the perfect getaway for families or golf groups. This tournament includes accommodation in their luxury hotels and villas, club storage and cleaning, drinks in bars, Oasis trolleys and hotel restaurants.



The 37th edition of the Caribbean International Pro-Am I will be held at the three courses, The Links, Teeth of the Dog and Dye Fore. This winter tournament is perfect if you want to travel with your family or golf groups. The package includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, unlimited green fees or drinks in bars, Oasis carts, as well as in the restaurants.


How to get to Casa de Campo Resort?

If you want to travel to the resort by plane, there are three airports close to the resort.


La Romana International Airport

La Romana International Airport (LRM) is located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, in the city of La Romana. This airport is used by the country’s most renowned tourists. It was built in 1998 and is the closest airport to Casa de Campo. The airport is also close to many tourist destinations on the island, such as Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.


Santo Domingo International Airport – Las Americas

The Santo Domingo-Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) is located in Boca Chica. It was inaugurated in 1959 as the airport of the city of Santo Domingo. It is one of the most important airports in the Caribbean and Central America. The airport is located one hour away from Casa de Campo.


Punta Cana Airport

Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the busiest airport in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the Dominican region of La Altagracia, in the east of the country. It is 45 minutes away from Casa de Campo.
One of the benefits of playing golf at Casa de Campo Resort is that the transfer to the hotel at any airport is included in the pack. If, on the other hand, you wish to take a taxi to the resort, taxi services are available at each of the airports.


Where to stay at Casa de Campo Resort

Casa de Campo offers a total of different luxury villas for families and golfing groups. There are villas with spectacular views of the Dominican coastline, exclusive, with comfortable, exclusive and private facilities to enjoy your stay. If, on the other hand, you are looking for tranquillity, the classic villas of Casa de Campo take us into the charm of the Dominican Republic with a total of five bedrooms or Garden Villas with a private garden and incredible natural landscapes.
On the other hand, Casa de Campo offers suites and luxury rooms to ensure guests’ comfort. If you want to be close to the golf course, any hotel room  will be ideal.


How to sign up for Casa de Campo Resort Tournaments

To sign up for all of the tournaments mentioned above, the website ( offers the possibility to sign up for these tournaments from there or contact us directly.



The Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive places in the Caribbean, for its beaches and its people. But if there is something that has to take us to the place it is Casa de Campo Resort, a group of hotels and villas, where, apart from enjoying the sea and mountain scenery, it offers us the possibility of contemplating its three renowned golf courses, Teeth of The Dog, Dye Fore and The Links and participating in some of the most important golf tournaments in the world.
Contact us if you need additional information and help on your next golf trip.