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Expertise in sales representation for hotels and golf courses

Increase your sales for less than the rate of a greenfee per day

Our Services

Our services are focused on solutions, selling the product in all the markets of the golf tourism business.

We operate as a professional golf agency for end-users, as a supplier of services for golf travel professionals and as a golf sales management team for our clients, whether it be a golf course or a hotel.

In every case, we carefully analyse the existing business and the destination, and we develop and implement a successful strategy and action plan in accordance with the requirements and budget of the company.



Product Presentations to Travel Professionals. 

Business meetings with agencies, corporations and any other buyer that can generate business.

Assistance to exhibitions, workshops and other relevant events to obtain business.

Contracting with Tour Operators and publication of agreements and offers.

Channels for B2C and B2B sales.

Pricing strategy. 

Design of selling packages.



Customer segmentation and typology.

Content marketing for presentations of the project and its later distribution in the sales channels.

Branding management.

Customized mailings.

E-mail marketing campaigns.

Printing, design management and support.

Network promotions and competitions.

Golf course website travel offers.



Outsourcing of the services and saving on the fixed costs.

CRM management.

Communication Media Relations.

Worldwide product representation.

Partnerships with Tour Operators.

Opportunities for marketing.


Value added services.




Branding management.

Business plan strategy.

Sales and marketing analyse.

Report on product development.


Consultancy services for the golf club management

Sales consulting.

Business Plan for the Commercial Department. 




New business opportunities.

Packaging to promote the greenfees’ sale.

Follow-up on all existing accounts.

Promotion of different business lines.

Assistance to travel professionals to help them sell more.

Development of promotional content.

Golf agency.

Creation of promotional flyers.



Attending trade fairs.

Promotional and professional events on representing our clients.

Fam Trips organization.

Assistance to golf tournaments and cooperation with companies to obtain leads.

Public Relations.

Bussiness opportunities in all the events.