Rental Villas in Casa de Campo


Rental Villas in Casa de Campo

Villas in Casa de Campo for rent

Since its opening in the mid-1970s, Casa de Campo has been a luxury retreat to help the mind, body and soul of all its guests while they stay in paradise. The oasis where the 7,000-acre resort is located offers not only the number one golf course in the Caribbean, Teeth of the Dog, but also a great variety of activities and services that few resorts can offer. An exclusive hotel and a number of heart-stopping villas that will not leave you indifferent.

The Villas available in Casa de Campo for rent are full of luxury and prestige. Here we will talk about one of them, Villa Caroline. A luxury property with a private beach, next to the Teeth of the Dog golf course.



Celebrities in Casa de Campo Villas

The resort’s roots lie in the glamour of Hollywood, as the property was first a sugar plantation owned by Gulf and Western, which also had Paramount Pictures among its film industry assets. It soon became known as a resting place for celebrities where they could buy and rent properties. The list of famous visitors over the years is the envy of any place: fashion icon Oscar de la Renta, Frank Sinatra, J-Lo and A-Rod, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and even three US presidents and golf lovers like George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Many of our distinguished visitors have always chosen the extraordinary Casa de Campo rental villas because of the hidden and peaceful surroundings they provide. Now, more than ever, finding a certain sense of privacy is a great personal need. Family, friends, golf groups and professionals need to feel comfortable and enjoy their vacations.  After the Covid-19, Casa de Campo has emphasized that privacy is the new luxury.


Exclusive Villas at Casa de Campo Resort

Villa Carolina

Location: Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Price per night: $15,900 plus tax

Number of rooms: 5

What makes it special: Villa Caroline sums up everything there is to love about Casa de Campo. First class golf, private beach, amazing views, quiet atmosphere and endless facilities make it a unique experience.

The best way to live your own world during your vacation in Casa de Campo is to enjoy one of the most spectacular villas as it is Villa Caroline. It is one of the most exclusive villas on the property. It is located in front of the ocean, with a direct view of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by one of the best golf courses in the world, Teeth of the Dog. The Villa also has a private beach. An ideal house for groups of up to 15 people. This magnificent villa has five bedrooms, a play area, a private pool, luxurious living areas and a very stylish decoration. You won’t need much more.

From the secluded garden mansions that highlight the island’s lush vegetation, to the calm and splendid Dominican coastline in a beachfront villa, Villa Carolina offers a beautiful feeling of «home sweet home». You won’t miss your home for a few days, because destiny itself will make you feel at home.



Villas Service

Additional services include golf carts for transportation within the Casa de Campo resort, a daily breakfast prepared in the villa, daily private maid service, butler service, private transfer to the airport in La Romana, Punta Cana or Santo Domingo. It also includes unlimited access to the gym and group classes, services on arrival (premium bar, deluxe assorted snacks, assorted seasonal fruit platter, etc.) and personalized check-in in the comfort of Casa Carolina, one of the most impressive villas in the resort.

Before you arrive at your destination, the professionals who work there will contact you so that you do not miss anything. A plan of excursions, resort activities, restaurant reservations and activities. A long endless list that will make you think about extending your stay for more days. You will want to stay, for sure. And for a long time.

Casa Cares Program in the Villas of Casa de Campo 

Casa de Campo has designed an exclusive program called Casa Cares, so that all the guests who want to travel and stay in the luxurious Villas or Hotel, won’t be afraid to make their reservation. It is a very well-structured and planned health project. It has already begun since the hotel opened its doors in July 2020, and up to today it is still very well-received by all the guests who have spent the last few months there.

For almost 50 years, Casa de Campo has welcomed visitors from all countries to enjoy the kindness, benefits and charisma that can only be found in the Dominican Republic community. Now more than ever, our commitment is to take care of our guests and partners.

Health Insurance in Dominican Republic

Since September the 15th, the Dominican government has been providing free travel and medical insurance to all tourists staying in the country. This insurance will be available from the end of September until December 31st, 2020. The insurance will cover all emergency hospitalization, medical, lodging and airplane ticket exchange if someone gets sick from COVID-19 during their vacation. Insurance will be offered in hotels at no cost to the visitor at all, completely financed by the Dominican government.

Rent a villa in Casa de Campo

With all these details, it is impossible not to plan a holiday to the Dominican Republic, especially in Casa de Campo villas, which currently and because of Covid, are in high demand.

If you need more information about your stay in Villas in Casa de Campo, about La Romana and its surroundings or about the Dominican Republic, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will explain you every detail or doubt you may have.