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Lanzarote is one of the seven Canary Islands which has a special charm. A special golf destination. It differs from the other islands in having a natural and volcanic environment not available on the other islands. The architecture, its gastronomy and its culture. Even the two golf courses offered in Lanzarote are different from the rest of the islands.

Later we will see all the golf and accommodation offers in Lanzarote, hotels in different areas of the island with very good access to both courses. As it is a small territory, distances are short. Despite the fact that one course is further to the north and another is located to the south, in either of the two options, access is very easy.

Another important aspect is that both courses are very different from each other.

Costa Teguise Golf & Lanzarote Golf

Costa Teguise Golf is a more technical course, famous for its row of palm trees, a course which challenges you the more you play it. It is located in Costa Teguise, one of the most beautiful tourist and residential areas of the archipelago.

Lanzarote Golf, is located towards the south of the island, in the town of Tías, a few minutes from Puerto del Carmen, the other tourist area. It is a very accessible course from all the hotels in this area. It is a wider course, and perhaps easier for higher handicaps, although on both courses any handicap can be enjoyed.

In other posts you will see the different options you can choose if you want to spend a golf vacation in Lanzarote, as you can combine various activities. There is also a complementary hotel offer that can help you decide when organizing your next golf trip.

In this first post we have introduced you to the two courses on this island, since either one of them can be repeated more than once.

If you need more information about stays or packs, contact us so we can give you all the latest information about packs to play both courses.