GOLF Sales Representation

hotels, golf courses and destinations

Increase sales in the golf segment

Areas of expertise


In Global Hemisphere we count with a huge commercial experience of golf segment in international markets and the know-how. Furthermore, we have a high volume contact base  B2B and B2C and distribution channels where distribute our products. We realize the same activity that a sales department.


We use different tools of marketing,  content creation and hotel organization to give a major visibility to the products  and being constantly  communicating. Our priority  is to generate  exposition and call to the action though different contents.


 We work as an extension of the sales and marketing department of the golf courses and hotel consultancy, creating a line more focused on sales and at the same time more profitable with cost reduction. We help hotels to package golf trips and distribute hotel and golf offers.


With more than 25 years of experience in the sector of golf and with different leadership positions  in the sector  we offer our experience in  hotel consultant and commercial golf projects in order to raise both your brand and your sales

Public Relations

 We focus on promotion and media exposure to maximize the visibility  of our clients. We establish  continuous contacts though  the events networking actions and proactive  search and continuous search to keep increasing our network of contacts.


We have a long history of attending international trade shows and events where we can generate leads to sell golf trips and connect our clients with the buyers they need to increase their production.

Golf Trips

We help you create golf and hotel packages

For who we work?


Global Hemisphere offers a suitable solution to develop the promotion of your hotel in a qualitative way thanks to our great knowledge of the channels that distribute golf hotels.

Golf courses

With the outsourcing of the sales&marketing service, the cost savings for a golf course are important. It is a question of increasing sales and visibility and making the investment profitable.


We offer clear solutions to destinations on the golf travel industry. Our experience is key to support and create new projects and alliances that develop the destination. 

About us

Why us?

From Global Hemisphere we work with a limited portfolio of companies, offering to our clients the best options and our  best compromise, responsibility and response, consider one more  of their sales department.  In this way,  we can  achieve together objectives supporting  to his sell department and guarantee production in sectors and markets  that for any reason is impossible to cover.



For less than the price of a greenfee a day or an overnight stay, you can increase sales and  visibility in the golf tourism segment.

The constant changes of the  market open the door to outsourcing services that allow you to minimize costs while maintaining your presence in the tourism industry and continuing to make your investment profitable. In this case we are talking about an external sales representation for hotels and golf courses. 

With our central location and our wide network of contacts in the tourism sector and specialized segment of golf travel, we maximize opportunities for our clients, making promotional costs profitable in the national and international market. 


We work for your team. We specialize in sales and lead generation, so we complement the company in a global way with added value services and specialized events where we can represent your product and arrive to your client, the future buyer for your product.