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GOLF Sales Representation

hotels, golf courses and destinations

We help you to increase sales in your golf course and golf hotel. Change difficult situations into easy ones.

Areas of expertise


In Global Hemisphere we have been commercializing golf courses and golf hotels for many years. You will ask, where do we promote them? In Spain, but above all and in a 90% abroad, which is where our supplier and target client is located. We know how it is done, and after so many years of dedication, work and effort, we have an interesting contact list of B2B and B2C which are the ones we sell to.


We create content for you. We sell your product and your destination through different creativities. We try to be original and highlight the positive points of a course or a golf hotel.

Through content marketing we constantly generate communication and an excuse to sell you.


We are one more of your commercial staff. We are there to work exclusively for you and do the work for you. We take tasks away from you so that you can focus on what really makes you gain money.

We make the contracts, we send them, we track it, we do the newsletters, the content, the golf packs and the offers. We bring the contacts to your door, so you can meet them personally and among all of that, we have great ideas.


With so many years of experience, we obviously know something about how this works. We help management companies in their commercial department when golf is involved.

We work on new hotel projects and the sale and purchase of real estate and investment of golf course properties.

Public Relations

The more exposure a product gets, the more you sell. Communication media is a priority, whether it is in a digital way or printed. Press releases, communication, every piece of news counts.

We help you spread your media and give coverage to the events you carry out.


We generate our network of contacts in many ways and through various channels. One of them is by attending specialized golf tourism events around the world. We know each market very well and our research for new contacts is almost daily. We don’t let anyone slip. It is the only way to sell our hotels and golf courses and create a need for them.


This website is about sales. We commercialise the courses and hotels to travel agencies and we sell the stays and green fees to you.

For who we work?


We offer techniques, strategies, and tools to sell and position your hotel among foreign travel agencies and sell them to your final client. We teach you how to create attractive packages that sell above all the hotel’s services. Which is not easy.

Golf courses

We already know what the price is to invest in marketing. There is a lot to sell and a little bit of money to spend. So, it’s about joining accounts that go to the same target customer and also saving costs.


When destinations see golf as a potential niche to improve their quality. It is not easy to find the accounts and follow up on them. Knowing how to hit the right key so that everything starts to work. We teach you and we do the work.

About us

Why us?

Because at Global Hemisphere we work with a limited portfolio of clients. In fact, we are like one more in your commercial staff, but instead of being in your location, we have our corporate office in Madrid. From here we work as if we were in your office, constantly connected to give you quick solution and response to any request that you may have.

We also support you with hiring, newsletters, and communications. That work for which you need to have someone who is dedicated exclusively to it.

If there is no work and dedication, there are no sales.


For less than the price of a daily green fee or an overnight stay, or even less, you will be able to increase sales through our work. We will position you in the international golf tourism industry. And if you were already there, we will strengthen your brand and give you more visibility so that all the contacts we work with know your product and sell to you.

Our main function is to sell. We market your golf course and golf hotel through specialized agencies and direct channels. We also sell to the final customer: The golf player who wants to go on holiday somewhere. We offer them direct sales, or we support them with agency services when their needs go beyond a golf hotel getaway.


We offer you our time and dedication with priority. We get ahead of you by bringing out offers. We sell your destination through content, which you may not be doing. Any urgency from a client or a supplier. We are always available here. We help you and take your business forward when it comes to golf sales.

We are one of the staff who answers fast and leaves work late. The longer you delay, the more opportunities you lose and the more you miss out on.