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Enjoy Golf in Lanzarote – A Unique Experience


Enjoy Golf in Lanzarote – A Unique Experience

Explore the magic of golf in Lanzarote. It’s an island with brilliant courses and ideal weather for playing. Here we tell you everything to enjoy golf in this Canary corner.

Lanzarote has the best golf courses, exciting tournaments, and classes to learn. It’s a place where golf meets the nature of the island. Here, you will live memorable moments playing your favourite sport.

Key Points:

  • Lanzarote is an ideal destination for golf lovers
  • It has dazzling golf courses and perfect climate for playing
  • The island offers exciting tournaments and professional classes for all levels
  • Enjoy a unique experience where golf combines with the natural beauty of Lanzarote
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to live unforgettable moments in this golf paradise!

Discover the Best Golf Courses in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, the mix of challenge and beauty in the golf courses is unique. Here you will find the most outstanding golf courses. Playing on them is an unforgettable experience.

Costa Teguise Golf: A green oasis amongst volcanoes

Costa Teguise Golf is one of the most impressive courses. It is located in a green oasis, surrounded by volcanoes. This place offers a challenging game with well-kept fairways and strategic bunkers.

Its greens are perfect. No matter what your level as a golfer, you will enjoy it here. Plus, it has beautiful panoramic views.

Lanzarote Golf Resort: Modern design and views of the Atlantic

Lanzarote Golf Resort is another course that catches the eye. Its design is modern and features stunning sea views. The fairways undulate, and the obstacles are well placed, making the game fun for everyone.

The architecture of the course blends with the landscape. This creates a unique and attractive visual experience.

Golf and Nature: Integration with the Lanzarote landscape

Lanzarote’s golf courses stand out for their integration with the environment. The designers have known how to use the volcanic and native nature. They have created exciting courses that value the natural beauty of the island.

Playing here is very special. You enjoy nature while facing interesting challenges.

Course NameLocationFeatures
Costa Teguise GolfGreen oasis surrounded by volcanoesChallenging route, panoramic views
Lanzarote Golf ResortAtlantic ViewsModern design, sophisticated atmosphere

Explore these golf courses in Lanzarote. Let yourself be wrapped by their challenge and beauty while living a unique experience.

Golf in Lanzarote: More than a Sport, a Passion

In Lanzarote, golf is more than a sport; it is a passion that unites. This island attracts players from all over the world. They feel captivated not only by the game but also by the thrill of competing.

The tournaments and the friendship among local golfers foster a special atmosphere. That makes golf in Lanzarote unique. Discover why many players always want to come back.

Lanzarote Golf Tournaments: Participate and Compete

Do you want to play in golf tournaments in Lanzarote? Here we will give you all the details. So you can enjoy the excitement of competing on this beautiful island.

Events Calendar: Key dates to not miss

Know the main tournament dates in Lanzarote. Throughout the year, there are exciting competitions. You have the chance to show your talent and compete with other golf enthusiasts.

Tournaments are scheduled according to the season and available courses. We recommend checking the calendar often. So you won’t miss the tournaments that interest you most.

Tournament Preparation: How to register and train

We will explain how to register for golf tournaments. Normally they register online on the websites of the courses or the organizers. It is crucial to follow the registration steps and meet the requirements, such as paying the fee and presenting your handicap card.

To train well, dedicate time to improve. Practice your swing, putt, and short game. Consider taking lessons with professionals or a personal trainer. Also, maintain regular physical training to improve your strength and endurance on the course.

Live the Experience: What to expect during the tournament

When you register and train, you will be ready to compete. In the tournament, you will find exciting competition. You will enjoy the professional experience and meeting other players.

In addition to playing, tournaments in Lanzarote offer catering services, prizes, and closing events. Take advantage of every moment of this exciting sporting event.

Spring TournamentApril 20Costa Teguise Golf
International TournamentJune 15Lanzarote Golf Resort
Summer TournamentAugust 10Golf and Nature

Remember these important tournaments in Lanzarote. Participate and feel the thrill of competing on incredible courses. Meet people who love golf like you. Live the experience of golf tournaments in Lanzarote!

Improve Your Game with Professional Golf Lessons

Classes for Beginners: Learn the basics of the sport

If you want to be better at golf, Lanzarote is perfect for professional lessons. Here you will find various options to learn. The lessons are designed for beginners, covering the basics of the sport.

Advanced Techniques: Perfect your swing and putt

To advance, you must improve your swing and putt. Lanzarote offers advanced classes for this. With experts, you will polish your technique to be more precise and effective when playing.

Customized Classes: Training adapted to your level

In addition to the basics, there are personalized classes in Lanzarote. They are perfect for your unique needs. You will receive one-on-one teaching, focusing on improving and advancing with a plan made for you.

Expert instructors are key to taking your game to another level. With their help, you will enjoy more of golf in Lanzarote.


This article has shown the excitement of golf in Lanzarote. We talked about the beautiful golf courses and exciting tournaments. Plus, we mentioned the professional classes. This island combines its natural beauty with the sport, in unique environments.

We hope to have sparked your interest in golf in Lanzarote. If you like golf, consider visiting this incredible island. There you will find top-notch courses, exciting competitions, and classes to improve your technique.

Don’t miss playing golf in Lanzarote. It’s a unique experience. Play on courses among volcanic landscapes and near the sea. Lanzarote offers you special moments on its golf courses. Come and explore what this Canary island offers you!


Where can I play golf in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote has high-quality golf courses. Costa Teguise Golf and Lanzarote Golf Resort are excellent options. Here, you will play and enjoy incredible views.

How much do green fees cost at Lanzarote golf courses?

The cost of green fees changes depending on the course and the season. We recommend contacting the courses directly for information on prices and offers.

Are golf tournaments organized in Lanzarote?

Of course, they are! Golf tournaments are held throughout the year in Lanzarote. Check the events calendar to know the dates and join the competitions.

Where can I take golf lessons in Lanzarote?

There are academies and professionals who give golf lessons in Lanzarote. They have options for all levels. Whether you’re starting or want to improve, you will find help.

Are there special promotions for golf getaways in Lanzarote?

Yes, you will find special promotions at resorts and golf courses. Ideal for those looking for a golf getaway. Check the offers and packages available when planning your visit.

Is there a community of golfers in Lanzarote?

Of course, there is a very passionate community of golfers in Lanzarote. Both locals and visitors love the sport. They participate in tournaments and different events related to golf on the island.