Things To Know About Madrid for golf travelling in 2021/2022


Why visit Madrid for golf travelling?

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the most visited city in the country.

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Europe, with more than 10 million tourists in 2018. With more than 20 golf courses is the city in Madrid for golf travelling.

Plan a golf city break to Madrid next season

Due to Madrid’s rich culture, numerous landmarks, rich nightlife and entertainment activities, the number of foreign tourists visiting Madrid continues to grow. In Madrid, the elegant architecture, square life and delicious cuisine make you feel the true essence of Spain. Madrid’s art bursts out of the cracks: the museums of the capital are packed with real jewellery, all of which are the works of famous painters and sculptors in history.

Once this situation improves, if you plan to play golf next season 2021/2022, then Madrid is a good choice. This is a destination that offers a variety of activities for non-golf companions because you can make unlimited plans while playing golf.

Need accommodation for your golf trip to Madrid?

If you still don’t have accommodation in Madrid, contact us. We work with many hotels in the city with special rates for our golf players.

How to organise your golf travel to Madrid?

After choosing the date, the most important thing is to determine the way to go to the city, choose the right hotel and golf course where you can play.

3 options: Santander Golf, National Center Golf and Retamares Golf.

Organize your transfer to the golf course and finally read the guide on Madrid to learn how to travel around the city and discover its popular attractions.

After studying these aspects of Madrid, why not read more about the history of Madrid? The historic capital is called the Villa y Corte and has witnessed the passage of dynasties, conflicts and wars that have left their mark on the streets of Madrid. A park is a place to enjoy the four seasons-Retiro Park. The green lungs of Madrid are amazing all year round, making it a must-see attraction in the capital.

Golf courses to play in Madrid

Our advice to you is to stay in the city. Gran Via, Chamberi and Barrio de Salamanca are good choices, because if you are not in peak hours, you can easily reach the golf course. From the city center, you can easily visit and play golf in Centro Nacional, Santander Golf Course and Retamares Golf Course.

You can check the Madrid Golf Pass, which is a special offer to play 3 golf courses at a very reasonable price. You will not miss it.

Contact us if you need help to organise your golf trip to Madrid next season.