Golf and hotel outsourcing services


Golf Business solutions: golf and hotel outsourcing services

It is quite clear that the enormous purpose of each and every company is to increase their sales and productivity. The problem is with the actions that this increase entails. In the tourism industry, you can find outsourcing services that guarantee from unique formulas to objective and key results, with a promise of success in terms of sales for your company.

In the golf industry, it is a little more complicated. If you want to increase sales in your hotel or in your golf course, you have to hire a professional with a more specific profile. With contacts in the sector, a knowledge of golf if possible, and a detailed list that is not so easy to comply with. In this type of market, a golf business solution is sales and marketing outsourcing. This allows you to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve your company’s performance.

What is outsourcing in the hotel industry?

At some point, you may have heard the term outsourcing, and it may not have caught your attention. Well, outsourcing is to obtain (goods or a service) by contract from an outside supplier. In the golf industry, the hiring company relies on a sales team outside of their company in order to promote and sell their products and services in other networks. The subcontracted company is the one that is in charge of the relationship with intermediaries, sales channels, agencies and golf tour operators. Another task would be the commercial management such as sending rates, making contracts, agreements, press media, attendance to events, specialized fairs and much more. This is the role played by Global Hemisphere, adding value to the companies who work with us. A golf and hotel sales representation.


Who hires golf and hotel outsourcing services?

We can suggest three types of hiring companies which demand the outsourcing service for hotels and golf courses:

In the case of a hotel with or near a golf course:

We are talking about a company which has its commercial department focused on vacation or business tourism. Golf requires certain specialization and not all hotels have it. Outsourcing this department would be the ideal solution for them to reinforce their marketing strategy.

If it is a golf course

We are talking about a company, with a more limited budget. Having a specialist for this task can be much more expensive. The perfect solution for a golf course is to outsource the service. You can have your sales team focused on the course and customer service. In this example, an external company, such as Global Hemisphere, would manage the entire sales and marketing part, adding value and increasing expertise.

When the service is hired by a destination

It is an entity which requires punctual support when organizing certain types of golf events or fam trips. The idea would be to help the selling of a destination along with the related companies, advertising the whole available offer in a location.

Outsource your sales and marketing department

In order to achieve and guarantee the success of the activities for which the outsourcing services have been requested from a company, it is necessary to make a previous evaluation of the activity of the contracting company. An analysis of its services and current structure is essential in order to have a vision of the future and boost its sales. The first thing will be to carry out a previous analysis

of the positive and negative factors, both internal and external. Once we analyze this point, we can analyze the environment, its current market and competition. In this way we can have a diagnosis of the project, with a strategy to follow and a step-by-step action plan, allowing us to reach some objectives.

The promotional routes depend on the location, type of company and budget. A golf course located in a high tourist area is not the same as, for example, a members’ golf course. Resources are created for both situations, with options for improvement on the negative factors of the company and team itself.

The main advantages in the golf and hotel industry

A good sales strategy  in the commercialization of golf tourism, represent multiple advantages for the contractor, including the following:

Increased sales through new channels

It is true that a company may be selling its product in the best way or offering the best service in an area. However, this will not guarantee the total sale; the increase in sales is directly related to a constant promotion, which is why it is an indispensable requirement to have a presence in all the sales channels that exist as well as having access to more opportunities. Apart from taking advantage of the commercial routes that are already available, outsourcing has a vision of boosting sales whenever possible, using new channels and looking for new business opportunities to include.

Reduce costs and optimize resources

On a golf course or in a hotel, you always need a specialized person who has contacts and knowledge in the golf market. Outsourcing can be used for a certain time when the company wishes to do so. It is recommended to have two years of experience if you want to achieve a medium and long term strategy. Finally, many companies continue to operate indefinitely because they have less risk. It is more profitable to have a presence in all channels in a more agile and proactive way and to achieve objectives more quickly.

Another advantage in terms of cost reduction is that the companies hired use their own resources, equipment and even their own platforms and facilities. In this way, the contracting company focuses and centralizes all its resources on other types of priority needs.

Reaching new areas of the market and redefining/changing the target audience

Subcontracted companies are continuously looking for new market opportunities in order to promote themselves. For example, if we already have our golf agencies, or our clients, we can attract new direct sales channels. Another way is to establish new contacts with independent agencies, with traveling professionals, or having access to new platforms. One example is the new golf OTA, which are becoming more and more competitive as they are beginning to make a name for themselves in this sector. Up until now, due to the lack of technological resources, they were practically non-existent as they are now.

It is necessary to know previously where our client is, his location, his likes so we know what to offer him to buy. We all like to buy, but we do not like to be sold. We must be able to sell without selling. That is to say, to generate attraction for something, to present it, to talk about it, to transmit sensations, and this way sales are generated.


When to choose outsourcing in golf tourism marketing

When a hotel wants to boost sales in the golf sector. You don’t know how to start, or maybe you already have enough resources dedicated to it, but it doesn’t work for you. Perhaps a golf course, which does not have much knowledge and wants to start positioning itself in the international market and lacks contacts and resources. Since we do not have access to this specialized branch, we can temporarily or occasionally subcontract this service and help with certain commercial actions, such as a golf fam trip or a specific event.

Outsourcing services for hotels and golf courses works, when you have asked yourself any of these questions:

  • How do you work in other markets?
  • Do you know your client and where to find them?
  • Are you up to date with your database?
  • What about contacts with travel agencies that sell golf, do they know you?
  • Are you aware of the promotional actions in other markets to attract new tourists?
  • Do you follow up on these actions?
  • Do you enter the requests received in the CRM or do you leave them in another folder?
  • You know which are the new direct sales platforms where you can be included? Internet never stops
  • Do you share your content with your customers?
  • Do you work the blog of your website? Travel guides are trendy, they are very useful and very few golf courses have them.
  • Are you able to be different from other fields and emphasize your strengths?
  • How much do you spend on marketing at the end of the year and are you making your promotions effective?

We could keep going, but if any of these questions are not answered, perhaps it is time to reconsider your strategy.


Outsourcing is a growing trend in the hotel and golf tourism market due to its proven effectiveness. It saves costs, optimizes services and adds value. After this crisis of Covid-19 where many companies had to make changes in their templates, outsourcing is a plus, since it does not generate costs for termination of contract. It is a service which provides added value to all companies, which can be considered and can be hired by any of them.

We are experts in this area. Contact us and schedule an appointment with us to clarify any doubts or any other related information we can help you