IAGTO (Golf Tour Operators)

In Spain most of the commercial golf courses and hotels are associated with IAGTO. But there are still many people who are wondering what IAGTO is. That’s why we are going to explain its meaning as well as the role it plays in the golf tourism industry. All our clients are part of it, so I believe it is necessary to explain it in a simple way.


What is IAGTO?

The abbreviation stands for International Association of Golf Tour Operators. However, I feel that it means much more than that. It was originally created to establish some rules and laws for the agencies that sold golf trips, but nowadays it is an association that supports not only golf tour operators, but also hotels, golf courses, destinations and media among others.

When was it established?

IAGTO was established in 1997. It currently has more than 2,000 golf tour operators, specialized trips, resorts, golf hotels, golf courses, airlines, destinations, media and other institutions related to this sector.

Where it is located?

With Peter Walton as Director, the IAGTO is based in London. It has representatives in several countries such as the USA, China, Asia, South Africa and most European countries.

Which countries are represented?

All business partners can be found in 96 target countries and the Golf Operators in 62 source countries. Golf agencies today manage 80% of golf vacation packages, and they have a billing of more than one billion euros. Although the majority of companies in this sector are increasingly trying to attract direct customers, the truth is that the combined sale of golf and hotel in the online media is still complicated to manage, which reinforces IAGTO’s brand, as it gives you the option of meeting a lot of different vendors.

Who are their partners?

IAGTO has 3 types of partners:
ll the businessmen of the golf tourism sector, golf courses, hotels, destinations and tourist companies.
Golf wholesalers, retail travel agencies which offer holiday packages in this segment as well as online travel agencies advertising travel offers through their website.
Specialized media. In fact, in the year 2000, IAGTO created the IGTWA, which is the International Association of Golf Travel Writers, to provide support in different media to all the destinations that are part of it. We already know that communication strengthens marketing.

IAGTO’s objective

What’s the main goal?

To simplify things, its main function is to communicate and create new business opportunities. They help hotels and courses to establish partnerships with travel agencies that sell golf (tour operators) so that they can offer their product in a more agile way. Through various activities organized by IAGTO, these destinations promote their golf vacation packages and services to these travel agencies and media, in order to generate business relationships and sales opportunities.

What other services do they provide?

The IAGTO supports all the companies which are part of it, its task is continuous.
On the one hand to the golf operators, with legal advice and information services. It helps the destinations to position themselves and increase their visibility with a good image to attract quality tourism, on the other hand, it helps the hotels and golf courses, bringing them new business opportunities and strategies that allow them to continue maintaining healthy relationships with their suppliers.
Additionally, IAGTO also works with tourism audits and quality certificates, which give recognition to the brands and guarantee the excellence of the services offered to the final client.

IAGTO Events

How many events do they hold?

IAGTO carries out several events and familiarization trips in different destinations. It is a way for tourism companies located in these countries to make themselves known so that travel agents can meet them and sell to them. It is positive for both.
They also hold their own events and fairs, as it is the case of the IAGTO Trophy, which is currently organized only in Spain. Next year it is expected to be held during the month of May in Cadiz, making this area of southern Spain known, as well as its course offerings.
Its most important fair is undoubtedly the IGTM ( International Golf Travel Market ), which is held annually in different countries. The IGTM is a B2B (Business to Business) type international meeting for professionals in the golf sector, where they meet and establish commercial relations, conferences and discussions on the current situation at that time.


IAGTO Trophy Tenerife 2019


In which countries do they celebrate the events?

IAGTO’s events are held worldwide and bring together golf tourism wholesalers, business people and the golf press. They are represented in Europe, North America and Asia, which is where they hold all their annual conventions.

Members zone

How to become a member?

Becoming a member of IAGTO is very simple. You have to contact them and fill out some questions. If you are a Hotel or a Course, there are annual fees. This gives you the right to contact all their network of golf tour operators and media, as well as any kind of query you might need.
It also gives you the option to include in its showcase all the information you want to share to sell your product. You can upload your last minute golf offers, annual fee for golf operators, golf packages, golf courses, photos etc, all the content that can help you having more presence, that’s what it’s all about.


If there is a golf course that needs to sell greenfees in the international tourist market, or if you have a hotel close to a course which doesn’t have many contacts but wants to promote itself in this sector, it is a very good option. With a good commercial strategy, quality content and the creation of golf packages to attract the tour operator you can increase your production.
If you need more information about how to establish a good sales strategy in the world of golf tourism, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will try to solve any doubt you may have.