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Earn money by selling our golf packages

Affiliate with Global Hemisphere



If you are a travel agency that wants to start selling golf trips and include new products in your catalogue. Or if you are a freelancer who likes golf and would like to become an affiliate marketer or a PGA golf professional and would like to offer golf breaks to your customers and profit from it, this is your site.

With our golf affiliate program you will be able to earn money selling golf travel packages and greenfees from our clients (golf courses and hotels).

We work directly and exclusively for the courses and hotels we represent, and through the affiliation we look for a way to expand the marketing of our products.

We have a wide experience in the sales and marketing segment of Golf Tourism, so we will give you the necessary support to close each sale, and we will help you to earn your commissions with each travel request sold. You choose the distribution channels that best suit your way of working.


The Commissions we offer range from 10% to 15% depending on the product. The costs of golf trips, costing a minimum of 60 euros (which is the cost of a green fee) up to 5,000 euros and even more if it is a group of golfers, which means a very attractive profit mark up. As it is a product that is available on demand, we not only work with cookies, but we also offer an option date from the first request until the end of the group sale.


You only have to register and fill up the form below. We will review your request and once accepted we will send you the needed tools to start working. Do not doubt to contact us if you have any questions that you would like to know more detailed.

If you are of interested, please fill in the membership form

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