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Golf Affiliate Programme

Earn money selling our hotels and golf courses

Partner Golf Affiliate with Global Hemisphere

make money AND GET PROFITS SELLING golf tours

Get benefits, discounts, and commissions by recommending and selling our golf courses and hotels.

  • If you are a travel agency that wants to start selling golf trips and add a new product to your catalogue.
  • Maybe you like to organise your Club’s trips and why not, get some benefits from it. It is not an easy job, and you have to spend a lot of time on it.
  • You may also be a golf professional and would like to start offering golf breaks to your clients and earn money with it.
  • Or you are a media professional, influencer, or blogger who might be interested in distributing our content and monetizing it. 


If any of these options fit you, our Golf Affiliate Programme,  is for you.

With our golf affiliate program, depending on your sales position, you can earn money and profits by selling and recommending stays of our clients (golf courses and hotels).

We work directly and exclusively for the golf courses and hotels we represent, and through affiliation, we are looking for a way to promote the marketing of our products.

We work directly and exclusively for the golf courses and hotels we represent, and through affiliation, we are looking for a way to promote the marketing of our products.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the golf sales travel business, so we will give you the support you need to close each sale. We will help you with bookings, so you can earn your commissions and make a profit with every travel request. It’s simple.

You can choose the distribution channels that best suit your way of working.


The commissions we offer range between 10% and 20% depending on the product and your professional profile. Great advantages for non-professionals in the travel sector.

The costs of golf trips have a minimum amount of €60 (which is the cost of a green fee) up to €5,000 and even more if they are golf groups, which means a very attractive profit margin.

How to register to our golf affiliate programme?

All you have to do is sign up and fill in the following form.

We will review your request and once accepted, we will inform you about the process and send you the necessary tools to start working.

If you belong to another sector, you are interested in selling travel and/or you need more information about any question, please, contact us at

To register, please fill in the Global Hemisphere membership form.


In Global Hemisphere we work without intermediaries, which guarantees a direct deal with our golf courses and hotels as an affiliate.

You will also get very interesting prices and advantages, as there are no third parties.


Enjoy the best net rates, and offer your clients the most competitive prices and offers on the market.


If you are interested in selling our golf courses and resorts, find out about our group golf rates and conditions for PROS.


We are open to establishing commercial collaborations to include our golf courses and resorts in your next content, let’s talk!


If you are the one who likes to organize group travel for your Club, take advantage of this work. Contact us and affiliate with us. This way you will be part of our network of professionals and we can guarantee great advantages just for you. 

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