Choose a travel agency for your trips


Tips for planning your golf trip

I have always tried to organize golf trips by myself, either for my family or friends. At the end I realized that it requires many hours and a lot of effort, so I ended up calling a well-known agency who organized the trip for me. This is without a doubt the best choice.

I thought that by telephoning the hotel or resort directly I could save money with some kind of offer. It is true that many times this may be the case, but not usually, let me explain. Travel agencies and specialized tour operators usually have cheaper rates because they are professionals in the industry. This way you can benefit from added value and better discounted rates than if you try to get them directly from the hotelier or the golf course.

Another important point to keep in mind, is that if you get the same price that the agency gives you, you have to realize that behind that price there is a lot of work which you are going to avoid. This is why you should buy the trip from a golf travel specialist.

In addition, these specialized travel agencies are familiar with the destinations and golf courses, so they will make your life easier when organizing your trip.

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Why you should choose a golf travel agency

Your time is gold

One of the services offered by a specialist in selling golf trips is to save you time and do the work for you. Even if you think you can plan the trip on your own, behind the sale of any trip there is a research work as well as a great organization and study to get the best prices and the best service.

Nowadays there are many destinations where you can play golf, and every agent has a great offer in different destinations and budgets. Choose the golf destination you would like to go, and they will do the work for you: golf reservations, transfers, flights… everything you need. We have many clients who just want to choose the place to go and have all the work done.

If you travel with a group, choosing an agency is even more worthwhile, believe me.

Here I give you different golf destinations where you can go.

Buy and travel

According to what we have mentioned in the previous point, letting yourself be guided by the recommendations of an agency is essential.


Many companies and tour operators have their own haulage company. There are resorts like Casa de Campo Resort&Villas in the Dominican Republic, who have their own transport company in place. Making it is easier for the tour operator to offer the transfers to the client.

Having organized transportation is a great point. It can be especially useful for transfers to the golf courses, besides the fact that the prices are much more affordable through an agency. Professionals who sell trips usually know these transfer companies which gives much more confidence when travelling.

Rates and added values

Every effort deserves its reward. Everything that an agency organize has a cost, and these costs are included in the price. It is what I have mentioned before, you will be able to get a similar price by yourself or with an agency, the only difference being that a professional will do the job for you.

There are many types of agencies, but generally, if you go to a serious agency with good service, you will get a reasonable budget. The commission margins are not high.

It is always better to ask for several options, compare and finally decide.

We work with many of them like Golf Breaks, Your Golf Travel, Nautalia, El Corte Inglés among others where the service has always been very good.

If you need us to recommend and send you to any of them, do not hesitate to contact us.