Global Hemisphere works as a sales representation agency specializing in promoting hotels, golf courses, golf resorts and destinations to the worldwide business events, golf and leisure industries through sales, marketing and public relation activities.

Due to our central location and an extensive network of contacts in the travel and tourism sector, we maximize promotional opportunities for your business, saving you costs and increasing profits in the national and international markets. We provide Sales, Marketing, PR & Representation support to clients in the leisure, cultural and golf segment who need access to the Spain and European markets to increase their exposure and to grow their market share.

Global Hemisphere ethic is to work with a limited portfolio, offering clients the best options. We are one more of your sales team and have the same goals and targets for your company that you do.  We guarantee an increase in sales in markets that for any reason you are not able to work.


Representación Comercial Golf

» Presence at  trade professionals and end consumers events.

» Management and planning of top-level professional meetings at international tourism fairs and major events.

» Training and key presentations with Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

» Sales calls and contact to professional organisations such as travel agencies, tour operators and specific trade representatives companies.

» Staging workshops and road shows for selected products.

» Follow up action.

» Attendance at promotional and networking events, sporting events, etc. on behalf of our clients.

» Organization of fam trips for press, tour operators, companies, golf course officials and PGA professionals trips.

» Events organizing.

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Representación Comercial Golf

» Content development in websites.

» Editing Press releases.

» Media Relations activities.

» Positioning in European leisure and golf portals.

» Design and print solutions.

» Newsletters and other communication to our customers.

» Reports generated with contacts, agendas and contacts captured data bases.

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Representación Comercial Golf

» E-Commerce

» Monthly Reports.

» Online Marketing Campaigns in tourism and/or golf websites and in other areas of potential interest.

» Communication activities with travel agents, companies, golf course officials and professionals.

» Organisation of tournaments and tourism events.

» Management of sponsorships, presentations and image.

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